Downtown Falls Church Public Plaza

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Updated Plaza
Public Plaza Inefficient
Inefficient use of space, closed off & unwelcoming
dark narrow
Dark & narrow

Public Plaza Information

Located in the 100 block of Broad Street between Hunan Cafe and Hot & Juicy Crawfish
Original project goals established by the Economic Development Authority in 2014
  • Activate Downtown Falls Church
  • Engage with and connect the community
  • Provide flexible design for various activities
  • Support local businesses

Timeline for improvements:

  • Winter 2018/2019:
    • Remove and replace existing sidewalk and curb and gutter along the alleyway and parking area
    • Clean, point up, and repair existing brick wall
    • Add cap stone to the existing brick wall for additional seating opportunities
    • Remove existing central walkway and replace with an ADA accessible walkway
    • Continue discussions regarding: landscaping, lighting, furniture, fencing, and surface treatment
  • Spring 2019
    • Install: lighting, stage, landscaping, fencing, furniture, and surface treatment
    • Project complete


  • Four trees were removed from the large planter area adjacent to Hot N Juicy as a first step in the park improvement process
    • 31" Zelcova in poor condition. Per the City Arborist this tree was on the verge of unsafe and would have been removed within the next several months regardless
    • 31" Magnolia in poor condition. Per the City Arborist this tree would need to be removed within the next two years
    • 11" Holly
    • 24" Holly
Brought to you by the City of Falls Church Economic Development Authority